Welcome to the home of the Matt and Jeff Radio Show

Update April 15, 2006

The first new audio sample of Matt and Jeff, for fans, in over 10 years, is in the podcast section.

Update April 14, 2006

Get ready for Matt and Jeff 2.0!  That's right Matt and Jeff are coming back!  It has been far to long since audiences have heard from Matt and Jeff!  Look for podcast number 1 in April of 2006.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Matt and Jeff 2.0?
Matt and Jeff 2.0 is going to be the All-New Matt and Jeff podcast!

When is the Matt and Jeff podcast going to be released?
Soon... very soon!

Are Dutch and Yoop going to be involved with this new broadcast in anyway what-so-ever?
No... No they are not.  In this new endeavor Matt and Jeff are going to strive for quality.

How is this new show going to be different from the old show that fans have come to know and love?
Even more Matt, even more Jeff, and even less music!



Last Update April 15, 2006