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Welcome to my homepage! I'll be updating this page whenever I get a free moment.

Ok, first off...why the nickname 'trouble''s not for reasons most think (well, uh, hmmm, er, uh...tee hee hee). When I was about to make one of my first appearances in Meetmeonline chatroom, I sat and thought about what kind of nickname I could use...and of course, nothing came to mind (or at least nothing worthwhile!). So, I turned the radio on and what was playing...Travis Tritt's song "T-R-O-U-B-L-E." I thought about it for, oh...about a second and said 'yeah-perfect' and the rest is history! Ok, so I can be a 'little' bit of trouble...but if you quote me on that--I'll deny it all !!

I'll tell you a little about myself...I'm 28, I was born and raised in California. Ok, let's get over the typical myths of California...first of all, I'm not blonde! I do have a brain, and have full access to it! And the number one myth: the sun does go down every once in a while! I work in the office supply business, I have been in this business 10 years. I recently left a company I was with (Woohoo!!) and moved on to a new company. But enough about work...let's get on to some more interesting stuff!!

I'm an avid Nascar fan...and being from the west coast (and female) people tend to think I'm kinda strange for liking the sport, but I like it and that's all that really matters, right?! I have received some grief for choosing my driver, Jeff Gordon, but as I figure it, he's an awesome driver, great mentor, and an all around great person. I started out collecting a few things here and there of Nascar and Jeff's items...3 years later, the stuff is piling up! Family members have contributed to my collection. It's cool to see all the stuff that I've collected over the years, and am excited to see new stuff out on the market that I can put into the collection! Check out my tribute to him by clicking on the Link 'My Jeff Gordon Page!'

When I'm not watching a race, I can usually be found reading (and laughing quite uncontrollably) my collection of Calvin & Hobbes books...I have been a fan of Bill Watterson's comic strip for quite some time now. I have my own "co-conspirator" like Calvin, my cat's name is Blue, and she is a riot!

Here is my co-conspirator!

Recently, I've become a fan of Hockey. We have the San Jose Sharks about an hour away. I'm still learning the rules of the game, and enjoying every minute of it. My favorite players on the Sharks would have to be Mike Ricci and Jeff Freisen. The other favorite has to be the Dallas Stars. My favorite players on that team would have to be Joe Nieuwendyk, Mike Modano, Brett Hull & Eddie Belfour. I love going to the games and being able to hear the noises from the game that the television tends to edit out. Like the actual sound of the players crashing against each other, or the puck hitting the plexiglass. Feeling the chill of the ice in the rink, but not caring that your freezing, because the excitement of the game is keeping your mind occupied!

I also like to surf the web...I've learned alot about the internet from my brother. So if anyone is to be 'blamed' for my addiction for the web, I can blame him!! Everyone knows he makes 'junkies' out of all of us! You can visit his homepage by clicking below on the link to RDS Computing.

Calvin & Hobbes is a copyright by Bill Watterson

Nascar & Jeff Gordon are registered trademarks

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You can also reach me online through ICQ number is 2368056. If you don't have ICQ, you can always email me...just click on the mailbox below and send me an email! Talk to you soon!

Check back soon for any updates I may have done since the last time you visited me!

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