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If Dexter has his laboratory, I have my bin.

SpacerHi there! I am Wilson, and I bid you a warm welcome to my little nook in the world wide web. Here you'll find everything from poetry to television show reviews to web design tips. So bookmark my bin now.

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SpacerHere are the highlights of my bin.

  • My Mr. Bean Bin -- Simply the best... I think that Mr. Bean Mr. Beanis perhaps one of the funniest television shows mankind has ever produced.
  • About Me -- Do you want to know more about me? I don't know why, but you can by going here.
  • Insights -- Read through my reflections and lamentations on life: For this month, I tackle the discrimination of Filipino abroad.
  • Television Themes Game -- Go here if you want to have fun while testing your mastery of popular television theme songs.

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SpacerIf there is one word that aptly describes my bin, it would have to be the adjective eclectic. There's certainly a place here for everybody.

SpacerMy bin is divided into five sections, four of which are named after objects you could possibly see in a bin. If you happen to be a television addict like me, let me be the first to invite you to grace my tributes to my favorite television shows. Should you want something more educational, my bookshelf contains online Psychological tests, poetry and a journal containing my insights on life. For those of you who love technical and web-related matters, feel free to read an article or two in my computer. If you are bored and want some clean fun, you may spend time playing the games I have prepared. Of course, like any other web site, behind the bin, you can find information on yours truly as well as my bin's awards, links, surveys and webrings.

SpacerIn order for you not to become lost, I have decided to place a navigation bar to the left of each and every page. The bar lists links to all the different parts of my bin as well as indicates the part you are in.

SpacerConfused? Try the Site Map or the What's New page.

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SpacerThere are a number of excellent help sites here in GeoCities. Among these is the SouthBeach Community Resource Center.

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SpacerEven though my bin does not contain pornography, violence nor warez, I'm happy to say that GeoCities Counter nice people have already visited it.

SpacerBy the way, in Manila, it's now GeoCities Clock.

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Last update: December 24, 2000

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