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Well I'll be busy from now on, working on my own homepage, so guys, let's keep the mailing list running :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all you guys who have someone to celebrate with.  For the others - maybe let's all go out together and kacau those couples okay okay? :)  A good Valentine's link - {{{Bitter Sweet Valentine's}}}. 

Hrm, this Friday we gather to wave goodbye to Jen Nie, who's leaving us to study  in Penang, but she'll be off  to Paris for a holiday first (!!).  Then on Saturday we gather again for dinner to say goodbye to Soo Jin who'll be going to Melbourne, Australia also to study.  They'll be away for quite some time, guys, so make sure you say proper bye-byes! That's it for now :)

There will be an outing on Friday  the 5th. Keep writing to the mailing list to discuss this, guys :)
              Details : Friday the 6th 9.00pm at William's.

Well guys I've got a temporary solution for the script error.  You have to disable scripts in your Internet Explorer as Geocites insists there is nothing wrong with their watermark.  Here's how to do it.  In your Internet Explorer window,  click on the menu View and then on Internet Options. Choose the Security Tab and set it to Custom. Then click on the Settings tab. You will bring up a whole list of stuff.  Just look for the Java section and disable active scripting. It should do the trick :).

 I've found out that the 'script errors' are due to the Geocites watermark. There is something wrong with their javascript but they seem to be doing nothing about it. More about it later..... and WHERE are your photos and stuff??

Internet Explorer users who have problems 'running scripts' on this page please email me. Also, I'm working on a solution for those irritating damned popup windows.

 The homepage is up.... FINALLY... I need sleep. Members please send in all your stuff so I can start work on the members' page.


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