Wish I had one!!

note the size of that piece of wood is 3/4 by 1.5 inches.
He likes to play 'grab that stick'! Big paws.

This is Misty, alias the 'old one'. She is about 6 years old.
This was taken at about 2 years of age

King of the hill

After a couple 'escapes' due to using a 'break-a-way' collar, I got a small dog collar now.
It is the flat choker type that only tightens up just a little bit. You have to slide it over the head and ears,
but it wont crush the throat or cut off breathing as it only gets so small. I only use it or have it on when
outside AND I am holding the leash or bringing in groceries etc and am in the area. Inside, he wears a flea
collar with tags in case he gets outside. The flea collar is loose and will slide over the head. He has a chip
implant also.

During his escapes, he ran back to the area of the front door! Stray cat? I am a firm believer this guy is a toss away
due to a leg problem. For a look at the largest Maine Coon in 2004, goto http://www.verismocat.com/htmscripts/leo-guinness.htm