An Interactive Math Utilities Page

This site links a set of mathematical utilities developed by me. You need a JavaScript enabled browser to use these utilities. This is what you can do here:
  • Evaluate a mathematical expression in n variables z1,z2,z3..
  • Solve a single dimensional function f(z)=0 by Newton_raphson method.
  • Solve Kepler's equation M=E-eSin(E) for an elliptical orbit
  • Minimize a function f(z0,z1,z2..) of n variables by a random search method. This method takes the search to the global optimum region.
  • Minimize a function f(z1,z2,z3..) of n variables by simplex method. This method is efficient near the optimal region.
  • Fit a curve to a set of data points.
  • Integrate a function by Simpson's rule.

    I plan to add more utilities. Please bookmark and visit again. If you are looking for a good book on numerical methods visit the recommended-books store.

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    Sheela V.Belur


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