The Unofficial

& DOS UAE Page

This is the Unofficial DOS & Windows UAE Web Page!

A site setup to help PC UAE users, pass information on and just a basic support site.

We have feedback areas, where people have e-mailed questions to me and I have tried to answer. Possibly you could help them??

Why not check out the reviews section? Check out your favourite game and see if it works for DOS or Windows UAE.

Take a look and why not e-mail me with your thoughts and suggestions.          Chris Pratt


The AMIGA Pages

This is an unofficial site all about the Useable Amiga Emulator or UAE. From here you can link direct to other sites about UAE and the other various ports of it. You will find that on this site most of it is dedicated to the DOS port.

I don't quite understand Unix (which is what the first UAE was based on) so I use the DOS port. I am currently messing with the Windows version 3.7.

But what I do know is the Amiga!! Having left my beloved Amigas (600 & CD32) I have been constantly making comparisons between the Amiga and PC, usually about the OS (Win 95 vs Workbench 3.0). Little quirks that make one superior. Win 95 minimising is one thing I took for granted and then after playing with UAE I thought that Workbench could have done with that.

But I could go on forever about similarities and differences between each OS. The best is undecided. Enjoy this site. I hope to have a full compatibility list of software that works with the DOS port of UAE and the same with the Windows version, with reviews of old Amiga Games.

Compatibilty List

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