It's only from 1997 that I've my write-ups converted to HTML and put them on the Web. They are nothing great - mostly write-ups of my travels or some events I've attended. Anyway, here they go... You may also want to check out some of my friends' writeups here .


Made a trip from office to Wayanad in God's own country.


Come summer it's time for a trip - an official one to Vancouver in US (not to be confused with the more popular one in Canada). While I did not do much sight-seeing I made a few musings. I also caught up with some reading.


Back after a year end vacation, and it is work time! Work takes me on another US visit, this time to Irvine, CA. More than Irvine, I had a great weekend in the Bay Area

It is now April, and I have a memorable Vishu.

Official duty takes me to Shanghai - my first visit to East Asia.

It is Ramzan time and not the best time to travel to Saudi Arabia, but that's when work takes me there. I return after a very short trip, but not before a terrible experience


I made my maiden visit to Guntur and Vijayawada when I attended the marriage of my classmate. An REC trip is worth writing about too! I happened to make a trip to Germany - my first Europe visit! Got around to writing about it...

Not long after, it was time for another trip - this time to France. Finally I got to see Paris


When my cousin came down from US, we made a day's trip to Munnar, a beautiful Hill Station in Kerala. I made one of my usual homeward trip for a long weekend! It was interesting to see the IT influence in a couple of Tamil movies which I saw during this time.

Then we decided to visit Hyderabad, or is it Cyberabad? It was soon August and time for another US trip. This time I'd the chance to visit Los Angeles, courtesy my classmate.


I guess 1999 was a year of travelling - the New Year being spent in Ahmedabad. I was in Madras for a cousin's marriage again in Februay, but next week I was flying to US to make a presentation at a conference. It was a short and sweet visit and I'd my share of US experiences!

In June 1999 I was back again in US, this time to Boise. I attended the annual Boise River Festival.

My explorations took me outside Boise and into Central Idaho on a memorable weekend. It was also sometime during the year that I wrote about another day at work.


In February, I went to Madras again - this time with Yogesh, during Valentine'sss Day (!) to attend a cousin's marriage We had our company's Section offsite ST2Mela '98 in March. That same evening I made my Coimbatore visit with friends - to attend a classmate's marriage. I'm a cricket lover and when India and Australia played a test at Bangalore, I went to see it.

When a couple of our friends came down from Madras in June, we went on the monsoon adventure to Madikeri. In August, we went from office on a picnic to Sivasamudram Falls. The next week I was again in REC - to attend Version '98. The next month we went on a "project picnic" to Mekedatu - where we had a close shave with nature!

I ended the year with a trip to Bombay and Ahmedabad.


We had our "50th Independence Day" celebrations in my company and I thought I'll contribute my mite with a monologue - thus came Gandhiji's visit. I went to my College to attend Version '97. A few weeks later, I happened to visit Madras - to meet both my relatives and friends. Inn October, it was time for a team picnic - to Kabini Jungle Resorts.