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The Energy & Environment Budget

"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" -- Gandhi

President Clinton's Tax Credits For Energy & Environmental Programs Immediately Came Under Fire From Many Members Of Congress.

Each day this week, our Daily News Website will be featuring different E-mail Opinion Campaigns regarding President Clinton's FY 2000 Budget For Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

We need to be very clear as to the importance of the WEB response to these Campaigns -- as it will determine whether we should continue efforts to educate and inform through our Daily News Service -- As Education and Individual Actions must go hand in hand.

We have tried hard to do our part in being your Partner to facilitate change through education, and now its up to you. This means not only emailing your Senators -- but by emailing at least 10 other people (friends, family, co-workers, newsgroups, etc.) asking them to use this Website to voice their opinions (whatever they are).

If you are a Student, this represents an excellent way for you to start participating in our political process -- as Congress represents you, even if you can not vote yet.

We are counting on you! -- With a goal of 10,000 Emails to Congress.

Opinion Campaigns:

Monday:   Wind And Biomass Energy

Tuesday:   Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Plants

Wednesday:   Rooftop Solar Equipment

Thursday:   Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Vehicles

Friday:   Energy Efficient New Homes & Building Equipment

Saturday:   U.S. Senate Renewable & Energy Efficiency Caucus