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. Moving site to new host 2/29/2000 .
I hate to say this, but geocities sucks! I get all these errors and problems with the stupid ads, and geocities keeps claiming its my fault. So i created a blank page and i still got the same errors! So i started copying the site to a new host and I get no errors there and everything is beautiful. So thursday after my midterm I will call them up and get them to transfer the domain name.
. problems 2/26/2000 .
Great, seems like we lost the DNS connection for Hopefully this will be fixed very soon. Meanwhile you will have to endure stupid pop-up ads for geocities.
. Need More Information 2/26/2000 .
I need information to add to the page. Stuff such as members names and rides, pictures of cars. Pictures of past events. Text describing how this page relates to the mailing list, and what trackracers is all about. Also past race reports need to be re-sent to my email address, since I have erased them a while ago.
. New Format 2/26/2000 .
Created new format for page and buttons. Still no pre-caching for images.
. is now online! 2/25/2000 .
The DNS finally linked and the web site is up. Still working on color schemes and on getting all the pages at least accessible.
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