Jing (Eugene) Tan, M.S.C.S





Jing (Eugene) Tan undergraduated from the College of Engineering at Chongqing University, China (B.S) and from the College of Engineering at Kyushu University, Japan (M.S) as well as graduated from Computer Science at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA (M.S) .

He has worked with C development and network communications since that he was a research student with Prof. Bruce M. Kramer at The George Washington University, Washington D.C. (1990 ~ 1991). The research project was related to the use of remote satellite communications to control machine tools located the University of Tokyo form and a control room in Washington, DC. This was for working aimed at the eventual development of a global satellite-based manufacturing network. (Recommendation letter from Prof. Bruce).

He even put in time writing a controlling application in Z8086 assembler language on a NEC V32 CPU and have since developed multitasking simulation programs and Unix applications using C and  C++. He has been working with Windows NT4 since1998 and was certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) in 1999, and the next year certified as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer MCSD which highlights his competence in working with Windows NT Server and developing networking systems. He has deployed 10Base-T and 100Base-TX networking solutions which include file servers, print servers, Microsoft SQL Server7.0 databases, Pervasive SQL7.0 databases servers, IIS4.0 web servers, Proxy Server and  Microsoft Exchange email servers, Tomcat web server and qmail email server on LINUX. Recently, he starts  writing a lot of program by using Perl.

His specialty these days is Networking Protocol, C/C++ and/or Java as well as Perl Programming.

When he has time, he likes to play LINUX in home. He built a LINUX with the email server using the qmail server, the Tomcat web server and a NT server with Microsoft Exchange server, the IIS web server. He modified the qmail server due to communicate with Microsoft. (Exchange server) and assigned an email box to each one of his family members including his daughter Marie (Age 11), his son Patrick (Age 9) and their friend barney (Age ?).

He enjoy supporting some small business such as a Law office, a Restaurant and a Real estate agency for helping them to have the LAN/WAN connection, email, file, print, web, database server and do some troubleshooting for them. In addition, he services as an Academic Director (volunteer) at Central Massachusetts Chinese Language School (http://www.cmcls.org/).

Eugene said "Besides my work with computers, I enjoy listing the accordion music. My favorite music are electric rock, blues and acoustic folk styles. Also I started enjoying the golf game once a week, my target is under 50 at 9 holes of Sagamore and Indian Meadows". 

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Pictured Below: (l to r) Alexander Kirillin, Jing (Eugene) Tan, Graham Stuart, Rich Napolitano, Steve Todd, Joe Perry, Dan Lambright

Eugene Receives his award from Rich Napolitano.

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