You want ET??? I talking Entertainment! Then you have come to the right place.
My 3.4 mega's of space on this geocities server, will provide you with nothing but ET.
What's new: Living in a World of ghetto life. This deals with my apartment issues, and yes it
does look disgusting. My Crackfriends, are crazy people that I have know, who
do some disgusting things (note: not for the faint hearted). Question of the month,
voice your opinion about this months theme, the EPITOME of BAD. Quotes,
Looking for some inspiration (if you have an interesting quote let me know, and I'll post it).
Bio yeah it's what you expect, things about me(note: some kewl links you should check out!!)
Yeah, Yeah I know, it's about time I did a site revitalization. I am a procrastinator,
I really am. So, what's next... don't know go find out for yourselves.

The Pages in My Site

My Crack Friends
Question of the Month
Result of Q of the Month
Da Mob
Bio Page
Oyde to Youth
Living in a World of Ghetto Life

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I think I'm done using HTML, next site is being done in Dreamweaver 4.

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