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The Cool News about Mr X


The Cool News about Mr X
Links of X.I.A. and the Confidential Files Area (About Mr X and XIA)
Favourite Songs (Lyrics, Mp2 or Midi)
Programming Progress
The X-Stuff
(Beta Version!)

Links of X.I.A. and the Confidential Files Area

What is X.I.A.? How about Mr X's Friends? Who is Mr X??...

Welcome to the X Area presented by Dr X

Norris WonderLand developed by Norris (Closed for UPDATING)

Confidential Files Area written by Mr X
Updated at 17/8
All info. of my friends and Mr X will be put at that Area

Favourite Songs

We Will Rock You (Full Version ... 1.6Mb)
The Lyrics and MiDi of We Will Rock You !
Imagine (Full Version ... 1.5Mb)
The Lyrics of Imagine

Jealous Guy


Mr X's Bookmark
Bookmarks for 張大勇
Updated at 16/1

Programming Progress

Written in C and used the BGI. (Latest Programs)

The Third Program Connect FIVE (GAME_3.EXE)...
The Sixth Program Fancy VI (Fancyvi.EXE)
It is a small shooting game. You are welcomed to download Fancyvi_all.zip and comment it. I hope you will find funs inside.
The Seventh Program 派彩計算程式 - To calculate the odds
in several horse races. That is "過關派彩". Nice to try it if you are interested in horse racing. You will have the overall odds after some simple inputs of different won odds.

You may need more files to run the above programs MISC.ZIP

Written in Pascal under text mode (Form 5's works)

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