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The Mountain Trackers Association is a organization of volunteers that teach the art of tracking. They take their personal time to gather for a week to teach students tracking, repelling, river crossings and mountain survival. You might think that its alot to cram into one week, but any combination of these tasks may be required in order to continue a live track.

Tracking is the knowledge of knowing what to look for after a person has moved through an area. Human Tracking today is mainly used for lost persons or fleeing fugatives. Despite popular belief, good Trackers do not have to be descendants of Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone nor must they be part Indian. Good Trackers are not born-- they must be trained and then practice for many years.


In order for this training to be effective there are a few basic requirements for the student to meet-- one is a willingness to learn the others are patience and determination. Tracking works only when logical process is utilized. It is fitting together facts and evidence that can be obtained from the ground and vegetation. It is a process of inductive logic where from a particular piece of evidence you are able to form the overall picture and deal with facts and not conjecture or hearsay.

It is unfortunate that at this time the art of Tracking is not more widespread in its use. The investigator or searcher who is not track conscious and is not trained to regard all of the evidence is helping to discredit the art. Tracking is not an outdated relic of the past. It is a viable concept that is more important today than it ever has been.

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