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Decatur, Illinois, READ THIS:
WDCR, 95.5FM plans to launch 30 watts full power for all of Decatur by April 1, 1998.  Decatur now has an "alternative" to ordinary radio.  No garbage,  No cheezy radio hosts, just cool commercial free radio playing today's country favorites.
WDCR is currently making plans to have all LIVE broadcasts on the web via            REAL AUDIO.  We hope to have the system launched by fall.  With live audio on the web, listeners world wide will be able to visit the WDCR web site and listen to original programs like the Morning Show, The Chris and Kyle Show, and "Dr. Love".  Such call-in programs will be able to react with listeners around the country as well as the Decatur, IL. listening audience.

NON-STOP Country   Tired of the country with D.J's that get on your nerves, that seem to get a kick out of there own jokes, that leave you saying, "When you going to shut it up and give me music"?  WE ARE TOO!!!  That's why with NON-STOP Country, WDCR Deliveries back to back music, commercial free with minimal talk.  Weather every 30 minutes and news at the top of every hour and when it breaks.

Chris and Kyle Show    Believe it or not, WDCR stops the Country to play you favorite Rock and Roll favorites of the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Chris is more of the rock expert who totes along his library of rock while Kyle tries to fumble along and rip on the one hit wonders who never made it.  This show is an all request program.  Listeners can get on the air and speak their mind.  Occasionally, LeRoy, our friend from "the other side of the tracks" will hang with the guys and give his prospective.  For Rock and Roll fans of all kinds, the Chris and Kyle Show is one you won't want to miss in the car or at home.

"Dr. Love"  The love expert that's on your level.  Tired of hearing programs that are one-sided from a male or female's perspective?  Try WDCR's version-the host will be a male and female!  Listeners can call in to get advice from two perspectives on there love and relationship problems and hopefully come out with one good solution!

program director:   JOHN SVOBODA         general manager:  KYLE WALKER
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