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Introducing High Caliber (updated 9/16/98) and The Great Divide (updated 2/9/99)
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The Great Divide are currently working on a Gospel album. More details will follow as will a completely new format for this site. Stay tuned as a y2k version takes over

This page is a location for you, the listener and fan, to get a better idea of who High Caliber and The Great Divide really are. This site will contain pictures taken from their concerts as well as sound clips from the CD's. Also to be found on this site is some information about Froggy 98. Froggy is a radio station in Lincoln, NE, that has helped get both of these bands recognized. I know it is not much, but I do have a tribute to them which can be found down below.

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I have added three mailing lists to this web site. One for each band individualy as well as one for both of them. I have an updated schedual from High Caliber, I just need to find it. I forgot where I put it. I will hopefully have their schedual updated within the week.
--- Adam Ward

Let me begin by saying that this is not a profit/commercial site. It is done because I like the bands and feel they deserve some recognition for all of the hard work they have done.
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All pictures and sounds concerning The Great Divide are posted with full knowledge and consent of the band. Baby pictures used with permission from Dave Lester. Publicity shots are courtesy of Atlantic Records. Both the youth pictures and the publicity photos can be found at the sites from which I received them. All pictures and sounds concerning High Caliber are posted with full knowledge and consent of the band. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THE PICTURES OR SOUNDS THAT YOU FIND ON THIS PAGE WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING MYSELF AND THE GREAT DIVIDE.

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