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Charles Baudelaire is another great artist whom was not given the recognition he so much deserved while he was still alive. Like so many magnificent minds, he suffered for our ignorance. That is why I dedicate my first home page to Charles Baudelaire. It was my own years in Lincoln, NE that I became acquainted with Charles Baudelaire. I felt as though I myself had a Baudelaire life, as Baudelaire considered himself part of the Brotherhood of the walking doomed.

"It is a law of human nature that the Church should wish to do everything and be everything. Peoples worship authority." Baudelaire is a wizard at stating the stark truth, but because it is so obvious, all pervasive like advertising, it shrinks from our lucid consciousness. The Intimate Journals of Charles Baudelaire was to have been his book called "My Heart Laid Bare", sadly for us never completed. I hope to quote from it often as I did in the first line here.

One of Baudelaire's projects was translating much of Edgar Allen Poe's work into French. This made Poe more popular in Europe than in his own native land, the USA at that time. Because both artists disclosed the darker sides of ourselves in a fashion we are not comfortable with, neither artist did very well amongst their own people. Because there was enough cognitive distance between the Europeans and Poe at that time, Poe was able to gain some popularity across the Atlantic.

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