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Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency with Ledum

Ledum Palustre [marsh tea, wild rosemary]

Back Problems * Bites and Stings * Injury Accident Shock Trauma
Joint Muscle Nerve * Skin Problems * Vaccination



Ledum 1

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by John Egbert

    Therapeutic Uses:
    Major first-aid remedy for puncture wounds and anti-parasitic action. Redness with swelling and throbbing pain. Constitutional effects of wounds. Good follow-up remedy to Arnica.

Back Problems:

  • Pain- aching under scapula on motion of arm and while walking; pressing pain in spine on taking a breath in; rheumatic pain in left shoulder; pain from spinal injuries; muscular rheumatism of especially the right shoulder worse from movement.
  • Lumbago- with aching lower back pain and stiffness after sitting for a long time, on motion and from rising from a seat; pain in back and sacrum after rising from a seat and beginning to move; pain is better from pressure.
  • Stiffness- in the morning on waking; paralysis of back muscles; also cramps and weakness.

Bites and Stings:
For the ailments from the wounds of animal bites (cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, etc.) and snakes including poisonous ones; for insect stings of bees, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, scorpions; to reduce inflammation and itching; Lymes disease; [1st take 1M or highest potency available every hour for 4 doses, then 3 times daily for 3 days.]

Injury, Accident, Shock and Trauma:

  • Puncture Wounds- especially in soles and palms; needles, pins, nails and stab wounds from sharp pointed objects; wounded parts become cold, puffy, pale, mottled, with very little bleeding and are very sensitive to touch and better from cold applications; to prevent tetanus [take 30c immediately].
  • Finger Injury- crushed and lacerated finger tips; finger nail injuries; inflammation from a needle prick under the finger nail; inflammation of finger bone periosteum; tearing pain in finger joints when moving them; boring pain in thumb.
  • Black eye- contused wound, bloodshot or bruised and caused by a soft object, with pain in the eyeball itself.
  • Spinal Injury- pain; paralysis of back muscles.

Joint, Muscle and Nerve Problems:
Painful, cold or hot, hard and edemic swelling. Pain rises from lower extremities upward.

  • Arthritic and Rheumatic pain- starts in lower limbs and moves upward; especially for small joints pain which are swollen, and stiff; with numbness and sensitivity to cold, but better putting feet in cold water.
    • Arthritis- with painful nodes in joints of fingers, wrist, hands, knees, feet , heels, skin over joints with purple puffiness; painful knots with pinching and cracking; pain starts in lower limbs and moves upward; especially in small joints which are swollen, stiff, and weary; painful soles can hardly walk; drawing pain in long bones; rheumatic right hip and left shoulder; swelling is slight.
  • Ankles- swollen; easily sprained ankles.
  • Feet- pain in foot when ascending, in back of foot in the evening; pressing pain in sole on motion and while walking, extending to thigh, in back of foot in the evening, in inner side; soles are tender and sore with rawness; boring pain in foot bones while walking and in the morning; rheumatic pain in big toe and toes with stiffness and inflamed joints; soreness of feet and heels especially after exposure to cold, worse on walking; feet feel rigid and stiff in the morning.
  • Hip Pain- hip disease in right hip joint; gouty pain; pain standing; pressing pain of hip and thigh bone, worse from movement.
  • Joints- rheumatic pain; drawing pain in joints after wine; swelling of small joints in feet with heat, but not redness; throbbing pain in right shoulder, worse from movement and warmth of bed; stiffness, cannot move, better from bathing in cold water.
  • Knee- pain and stiffness on beginning to move, while walking; rheumatic pain; with swelling and edema; pain extending to hip; tearing pain from warmth of bed; sore patella while walking; trembling knee while sitting; worse from warmth, and better from cold applications.
  • Wrist- aching especially in the evening while sitting; tumors of the wrist.
  • Gouty Pain- swollen ball of big toe, sore and painful walking, pain ascends and is worse from warmth, pressure, motion; gouty pain of hands with swelling.
  • Sciatica- left side, from hip to knee, burning pain; coldness of lower limb; on change in weather; rising from a seat; worse after sleep, from touch, heat, warmth, walking, motion, sitting, and better lying down, and from ice applications.
  • Weakness- of ankle, foot turns under; weak foot when sitting and on bending foot; of hands with trembling; hands tremble on grasping objects; knees terrible when sitting and attempting to walk.

Skin Problems:
Eruptions like rash and red spots tend to be only on areas that are covered. Discoloration od skin last a long time after injuries.

  • Acne- and red pimples are pustular on the cheeks and small pimples at root of nose, on forehead and cheeks that sting when touched.
  • Eczema- on face which can also look like poison oak; on one leg; alternating with rheumatism.
  • Itching- feet and ankles worse scratching, and from warmth of bed.
  • Poison Ivy and Oak- to antidote rhus poisoning.
  • Whitlow- from splinters and needle prick under nail; tendons affected; better from cold applications.

Vaccination and Injections:

  • Injections- After affects steroid and cortisone injections. Jaw stiffness after dental injection of local anesthesia; for puncture wound from a dental instrument especially if it has not bled sufficiently and when the site of injury feels cold.
  • Vaccinations- acute affects after the injection.
Are the very important modifying influences and circumstances which aggravate (make worse), or ameliorate (make better) the person and their symptoms:

Ledum Palustre Modalities:
Worse from < Heat
, warm bed, stove; wearing too many clothes; movement when walking, motion of joints; evening, night; touch; injury; feather bed; stimulants; alcohol, beer, whisky, wine.

Better from > Ice cold applications and baths for ailments (especially soaking feet in cold water); cold dry weather, cold air; at rest; lying on face.

The remedy interactions for
Ledum Palustre [LED]:

Is Antidoted by: CAMPH, RHUS-T.

It antidotes: APIS, COLCH, HYPER.

Compatible with: LYC.

(see a homeopathic Materia Medica to find the full remedy names for the remedy abbreviations.)

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