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Helpful Guidelines for taking Homeopathic Remedies

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Taking the remedy:  


- Homeopathic Remedy Antidotes -
Homeopathic remedies are essentially vibrational medicine, and they are easily overwhelmed by other strong material vibrations. 

Try to avoid anything with coffee flavor, mint, camphor, menthol, large quantities of caffeine, or chamomile externally or internally. For example: avoid mint flavored toothpastes, chewing gums, and mouthwashes (mint and menthol); menthol lozenges and candies; coffee, even decaffeinated or coffee flavored ice cream or candies. If you must have caffeine get it from tea or caffinated soda. Avoid Noxema products and Tiger Balm (camphor); etc. Try also to avoid very strong aromatics or toxic odors like eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint, essential oils like patchouli, strong perfumes, strong after-shave and soap, smelly chemicals, moth-balls. If you drink alcohol, avoid extremes. If you smoke marijuana, try to avoid it during treatment because it is a high and aromatic. Do not place your remedies in close contact with magnets. It is best to avoid drugging of any kind, but especially steroids and opiates. These can overpower and antidote your remedy. If you will not or cannot avoid these factors, it is best to use LM potencies. 

Much to my amazement very few homeopathic practitioners or the pharmacies that sell homoeopathic remedies give patients correct or thorough information for taking homeopathic remedies. This leaves most homeopathic users unaware that they may be unknowingly blowing their remedies, that is stopping their action by antidoting them with common substances without even knowing it. 

When to take the remedy: Homeopathic Recovery: How Long to Take a Remedy: When to Stop or Change the remedy: Orthodox/Allopathic Medical Drugs and Homeopathy: Self Prescribing Considerations and
The Importance of Modalities
Examples of the Disorders & Diseases that Homeopathy can improve or cure:
Acute Diseases & Disorders  
  • Injuries & Accidents such as:
    • Sports related injuries
    • Pain 
    • Strains 
    • Sprains 
    • Fractures 
    • Blows & Concussion
    • Dislocations 
    • Herniated Discs
    • Crushed Fingers & Toes,
    • Torn Ligaments & Tendons
    • Burns 
    • Bruises 
    • Cuts & Lacerations 
    • Puncture Wounds
    • Black Eye 
    • Nosebleeds 
    • Emergencies
  • Acute Diseases such as: 
    • Influenza 
    • Colds 
    • Coughs 
    • Earaches 
    • Fever 
    • Sore Throats 
    • Bell's Palsy 
    • Dengue Fever 
    • Surgery 
    • Adverse Reactions to drugs and vaccinations
  • Acute Problems from: Insects, Animals, and Plants
    • Stings, Bites, Poison Ivy or Poison Oak
  • Sudden Problems from: 
    • Trauma
    • Grief 
    • Shock
    • Food Poisoning & Dysentery
    • Travel, Motion & Altitude Sickness 
    • Violence
Chronic Disorders & Diseases such as:  
  • Addictions to Alcohol & Drugs 
  • Allergies, Hypersensitivity, M.C.S. 
  • Anxiety/Fear/Phobias 
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism 
  • Asthma 
  • Back Problems 
  • Bladder and Kidney Problems 
  • Bone Problems 
  • Bowel and Rectum Problems 
  • Candida, Yeast Infections 
  • Chronic Fatigue and Immune Disorders 
  • CFIDS (CFS & M.E.)
  • Dental and Mouth Problems 
  • Depression 
  • Ear and Hearing Problems 
  • Eye and Vision Problems 
  • Female Problems: 
    • Menstrual
    • Menopause 
  • Gastric Disorders 
  • Gulf War Sickness 
  • Headaches, Migraine 
  • Herpes Virus Eruptions, Shingles
  • HIV, and diseases related to AIDS & ARC 
  • Insomnia & Sleep Problems 
  • Joint, Muscle and Nerve Problems 
  • Liver Problems 
  • Lymes disease 
  • Malaria 
  • Male Problems 
  • Mental & Emotional Problems 
  • Motor and Sensory Disorders 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Nose and Sinus Problems 
  • Paralysis 
  • Pregnancy, problems during & lactation 
  • Repetitive Stress Injury 
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
  • Skin Disorders 
  • Stress 
  • Trauma 
  • Throat and Vocal Problems 
  • Vertigo 
  • Etcetera!!
Where to Puchase Homeopathic Remedies If You Need Professional Homeopathic Treatment