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Remedies developed by Dr. Enderlein and his associates consists of biological medications , some which are homeopathically diluted to low concentrations , and suspensions of Mycobacteria or bacilli. Produced primarily today by SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH in Hoya , Germany , the preparations work on the body on the whole (systemically) , although their effectiveness can be enhanced by local application. The biological medications contain benign protein particles , called protits , that fight disease-causing micro organisam ( and assist antibodies produced by the immune system , according to research by Swiss biologist Haefeli). In addition , the bacterial medications stimulate the immune system response to disease.

Unlike antibiotics and other drugs that often require strong doses to kill disease causing agents , Dr. Enderlein's SANUM medications work by changing the harmful microorganisam in the body fluids to non-aggressive forms, which permits gentle self-healing (isopathy). Harmful bacteria and their toxins are broken down and excreted through natural processes. Because these remedies promote healthy cell metabolism and hormonal balance, the body's internal environment experiences profound changes that benefit the entire constitution. Therefore , when treating illness , combinations of different SANUM products , as well as natural medications produced by other companies , are often indicated to restore the internal symbiosis required for good health.

Mucor Racemosus (MUCOKEHL)

Mucor Racemosus regulates microorganisms that affect blood viscosity. It is used to treat blood disorders that fall within the life cycle culminating in the fungus Mucor racemosus Fresen. These illnesses include blood clots, embolisms, heart diseases (angina pectoris) , leukemia , arthritis, vein inflammation , diabetes , gout , tumors , Hodgkin's disease (enlargement of lymphoid tissues , spleen and liver) , blood poisoning and hemorrhoids. In addition , Mucor racemosus is highly effective in prevention of varicose veins and enhances the healing process of skin injuries including wounds , cuts and burns , by removing pathogenic microbes that can cause infection. MUCOKEHL eye drops have also been found to help heal glaucoma and other eye illeness.

Immediate injections of Mucor racemosus (within 24 hrs) following a stroke or heart attack can often reverse or limit damage caused by blood clots. Dr. Enderlein showed that the formation of blood clots falls within the Mucor racemosus life cycle. As a result , Mucor racemosus dismantles the coagulation of the thrombus and cleans out the blocked passageway. In addition, the medication increases oxygen to the depleted area and rejuvenates the affected cells.

Aspergillus Niger (NIGERSAN)

Aspergillus Niger is used to successfully treat tuberclosis and tuberclosis related diseases , including malignant tumors , lymphatic gland illness , skin ulcerations , bronchial infections , eczema , soft warts and infections of the urological and genital tract. According to the research findings of Dr. Enderlein, these and other diseases fall within the life cycle of Aspergillus Niger van Tieghem. In combination with other SANUM products, Aspergillus Niger can effectively stop the growth of prostate cancer and help improve the immune response of AIDS patients.

Acidum Citicum (CITROKEHL)

Acidum Citicum is an important element in the citrus acid cycle. According to German cancer researcher Dr. Moermann , citrus acid is indispensible for the human organisam and provides the following benefits:

Prevention of fermentation process
Prevention of alkalosis
Reduction of the viscosity of the blood
Reduction of the water contents of tissues

Acidum Citicum injections are effective in helping treat a wide variety of ailments, including breathing disorders due to deposits of tar , benzoprene and nicotene in the lungs, functional problems with endocrine glands, circulation disruptions and chronic kidney infections. Acidum Citicum is also useful in stopping severe , pounding headaches located in the temple area. It can help treat problems with sensory organs such as red tired eys and buzzing sounds in the ears. In addition , Acidum Citicum has been used to treat rickets , angina pectoris , rheumatism , chronic polyarthritis and children with concentration disorders due to avitaminosis , a vitamin deficiency disease.

Mucor Racemosus and Aspergillus Niger (SANKOMBI)

A combination of Mucor Racemosus and Aspergillus Niger , SANKOMBI is used to treat illness that have a tuberclosis origin and also adversely affect the blood. Examples include abdominal cycts, lymph circulation disturbances , bronchitis , croup and non-inflammatory chronic liver diseases such as hepatosis.
SANUM medicines are available in Germany and Switzerland
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