Cancer and its Biological Treatment

by Prof. Dr. Karl Horst Poehlmann

About the author:
Born in Germany. Dr Poehlmann holds a Phd in Medicine -- having researched the effects of radiation in cervix cancer. Dr Poehlmann is also knowledgeable in Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine). Currently Dr. Poehlmann lives in Australia.

Cancer is the result of accumulation of toxins in the body. The aim of every biological treatment must therefore be the reduction of this toxicity and to avoid any further increase. It is a general disease and the tumor is only a symptom. Every therapy that only aims at the destruction of the tumor must be unsuccessful in the long run. This is long proven by the discouraging results of conventional treatments.

Ionizing rays (X-rays or Gamma rays) are one of the causes of cancer. For this reason they have to be avoided as much as possible. X-rays, CT scans, etc. should only be done when their results will lead to a possible change of therapy but not for general monitoring. The growth rate of malignant cells may be sped up more than 100 times (Royal Rife). But also other methods of imaging (e.g. MRI) should be reduced to the absolute necessary. Even Ultrasound with high intensity, over extended periods of time or the taking of samples from the tumour for examination can mobilise cancer cells and lead to secondaries. It is sometimes better not to know the exact diagnosis of a healed patient than to know exactly why a person died. The examination of blood parameters (e.g. tumour markers) and dark field microscopy are certainly better ways of monitoring. This also means that there is nothing like "radiotherapy" even though it might sometimes help to relieve pain in certain tumours for a period of time.

Cancer producing poisons, so called Cytostatica, are known to have no demonstratable live prolonging effect in advanced cancers even though many so called "authorities" claim that they have. Virtually all studies published until 1995 could not show any positive effect compared to no treatment (Ulrich Abel,Chemotherapy of advanced carcinomas, Hippokrates Verlag, 1995) .Only in some seldom tumours like seminomas or lymphatic malignances they seem to have some positive effects for a limited period of time. But nearly all of those chemicals cause cancer themselves! The risk can be minimized by giving immuno modulators and antioxidants but the usual damage on the brain (loss of memory and intelligence) and on the heart muscle will still happen (depending on the agent used).

The daily food is of particular importance. The only fat that is suitable for cancer patients is linseed oil (Flax oil) without chemical additives. All other fats can increase the growth rate of the tumour. All food has to be as natural as possible and should be free of poison (e.g. insecticides, pesticides, pre- servatives) or cancer producing colours (coal tar dies or azo dies) which are mostly used. The fact that a chemical is not banned does NOT mean it is safe! Strictly forbidden are artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, margarine & homogenised milk. There are also indications that food heated in microwave ovens may cause cancer, especially when it contains milk. Also hormone treated meat from force fed animals or unusually large fruits which are either from plants treated with growth hormones or from genetically engineered plants or irradiated food is strictly prohibited.

The last step before onset of cancer is often a fungal growth (so called candida infection) in the body. For this reason the person also has to avoid mushrooms and food that is treated with fungus poison (antibiotics), e.g. certain cheese. Also highly refined food like bleached flour and white sugar must be avoided.

For the same reason the use of antibiotics has to be limited to acute, life threatening diseases where there is no other way to survive. This also applies to poisons that are given for the therapy of fungus and so called antiviral therapy (many are cytotoxic poisons). This will only speed up cancer growth. These so called fungal infections will disappear by themselves after detoxification. Strictly local acting antimycotic drugs are sometimes justified. Patients often report that their tumours appeared after long term use of antibiotics.

There are studies that show the connection between bone tumours and Sodium fluoride, a rat poison that is said to improve childrens teeth (mainly found in tooth paste). Those products have to be avoided and replaced with non-toxic substitutes.

One of the requirements to successfully treat cancer is the CORRECT removal of amalgam tooth fillings (also under caps) and root filled teeth. It is not allowed to drill out these highly toxic fillings with a high speed drill and without special precautions as this will lead to a severe mercury poisoning. After tooth extractions, the wounds have to be cleaned and surgically closed. The mercury that is already stored in the body needs to be drained out with special treatments (e.g. Chelation). Dental and sometimes other implants (e.g. breast implants) need to be removed as they can act similarly to dead teeth. From a certain critical mass on, the tumour will suppress the immune system. In those cases, operation will be justified if no other, less damaging, methods like galvano therapy or hyperthermia (local and systemic) can be used.

The replacement of lacking minerals and vitamins is necessary for the reactivation of the immune system. Often it is very useful to use extracts from Mistletoe especially as intravenous drips. Ayurveda, Indian herbal medicine System, has dealt with cause,symptom and cure for cancer using Viscum Album.

714X from Gaston Naessens,Oxytherapy, Chavanaprash (Ayurveda medicine), Essiac tea, Indian essence, Hoxsey tonic, Pancha Karma (Ayurvedic way of treatment), adminstration of vitamin C, A, E, homoeopathically potentialised irradiated water (aqua R 500 D 30, Stauffen Pharma, Germany), potentialised Cytostatica after Chemotherapy, Sanum Therapy (Mucokehl, Nigersan etc), Frequency therapies, Immuno modulators, special cleansing diets (e.g. Breuss diet), tumour vaccines etc. are part of a successful therapy.

It is vital to sleep free of geopathic stress(so called underground water lines) If there is such a problem it is only possible to change the position of the bed.

Vaccinations, said to prevent infectious diseases, destroy the immune system and should not be used under any circumstances. The damage is certainly much higher than the alleged benefit.

Certain solvents like isopropyl alcohol are also an important cause of cancer growth. Cosmetics other than pure soap without additives have therefore to be avoided.

If there is any possibility, do not use opium derivatives as pain killers. They restrict body cleansing and increase the general toxicity. The treatment will therefore be much more difficult.

Healing can only take place when the connection with nature is re-established. This is the only way the body can get control again over the cancerous cells. Destructive influences like Hard Rock "music" or "Heavy Metal" are surely not the right thing. This also applies to deaf people as those destructive vibrations will influence the body through skin receptors. When a person is exposed to those vibrations for ten minutes it may take up to 5 hrs to restore balance in a healthy person.

The watching of television should be as short as possible. Every TV set is a source of X-rays. But also the program itself often contains health destructive subliminal information.

Yoga & Meditation accelerate the cure. Constipation should be avoided. Auto Urine Therapy helps in removing the toxins from the body. Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, alchohol, and genitically engineered food should be avoided as much as possible.

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