The Ultimate Hemorrhoid Page

The Ultimate Hemorrhoid Page

Updated 2009

Please note -- effective 4/2009 I have decided to not continue making serious efforts to update and refine this web site, I simply do not have the time. It will be maintained with the excellent links that have been this far listed. And remember , there was a time when this site was NUMBER ONE on Google !
This web site will close when free Geocities is gone. Thanks for your interest



Hemorrhoids (hem'o-roydz) [G. haimorrhois, pl. haimorrhoides, veins likely to bleed, fr. haima, blood, + rhoia, a flow]

Understanding and Treating Hemorrhoids

Practical advice from a seasoned medical practitioner. (page is pure text to facilitate printing)

AND a most generous visitor to this site has provided a good Spanish translation :

Comprension/Tratamiento de Hemorroides

(Also, translations into French and German would be greatly appreciated !)

As of 4/2003 a French translation has been received (thanks !!) and is being converted to HTML, will appear soon.

  • On Hemorrhoids, by Hippocrates

    Why not start with a 400 B.C. classic?

    A collection of descriptive drawings and photos, see what you are dealing with.

    (And this will also help you understand the famous, or infamous, DENTATE LINE)
    Get a good grasp of the Dentate Line !

  • Understand the GRADING SYSTEM for (Internal) hemorrhoid severity !

    As internal hemorrhoids distend they are graded depending on their symptoms:
    Grade 1 Mild distention
    Grade 2 Prolapse (bulge out)with bowel movement, spontaneously reduce (go back into rectum)
    Grade 3 Prolapse with bowel movement, must be manually reduced (pushed back in)
    Grade 4 Prolapsed, cannot be reduced, rectal mucosa (inner lining) also starting to prolapse

    As you might imagine, if you hit Grade 4 it's time for surgery, most probably.

  • Note that EXTERNAL hemorrhoids arise near the anal opening and are considered A SEPARATE ENTITY. There are often management differences between internal and external hemorrhoids. See the following illustration.

    Medical Facts :
    The Dentate Line , located in the rectum, is a mucocutaneous junction (dividing mucus membrane from a skin-like surface).

    Hemorrhoids that originate above the dentate line are internal hemorrhoids, even if they enlarge further down the rectum, below the dentate line.
    Hemorrhoids that originate below the dentate line are EXTERNAL hemorrhoids. (look again at the first illustration in the picture section)

    The dentate line is also significant because there are no PAIN NERVE FIBERS above the line. THat is why Internal Hemorrhoids are painless, and External Hemorrhoids are a literal pain in the ass.


  • The Hemorrhoid Surgery Guide

    AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE for information of surgical and other alternatives for hemorrhoid problems. Well written and organized, a MUST visit for those who need to understand alternatives to medical management.

  • Hemorrhoid Care Medical Clinic

    AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE for information of surgical/non surgical alternatives for hemorrhoid problems. With excellent credentials, the hemorrhoid specialists offer a variety of contemporary options for hemorrhoid removal. CHECK OUT THIS SITE.
    This clinic appears to be a major resource for comprehensive hemorrhoid care in California.


    discusses surgical options for hemorrhoids of varying severity and offers some EXCELLENT illustrations of the anatomy of internal and external hemorrhoids. The illustration of scalpel surgery is a little confusing.

  • Surgery, Information/Options

    The Ultimate Hemorrhoid Page team of Internet researchers takes on the topic of Surgery and associated techniques.


  • Hemorrhoids In Plain English

    The title speaks for itself. An excellent resource, well organized, to help you understand all facets of the hemorrhoid problem and its management.


    An up to date discussion of hemorrhoid etiology and treatment by Scott Thornton, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Yale University School of Medicine. From the "Emedicine" web site.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome FAQ.

    If you have hemorrhoids, you may also have "IBS" (there is a "constipation" version of the disorder, although diarrhea isn't fun, either). This site, by Laura Zurawski and Dr Anthony Lembo, discusses the problem of IBS at length.

  • Anal Fissure Self-Help page

    A related subject, for those of you who need advice. Very good web site with case histories, treatment alternatives.

  • Hemorrhoid Stories

    Personal accounts of experience with hemorrhoid treatment, including surgery, herbs, medications and other healing practices.
    Please send us your story , your identity will remain confidential. I would appreciate both positive and negative experiences, as it is not my intention to portray hemorrhoid management , particulary surgery , as only a necessary ordeal.
    As with many medical disorders, one does not tend to hear much about successes and people are more inclined to talk about failures and catastrophes. But people need to hear about the failures when deciding on a course of action relative to the hemorrhoid problem.


    I am merely providing resource information and make no guarantees regarding any particular remedy. It is common to see a product maker that offers testimonials but no hard scientific research.

  • First, some "First Aid." If you have a flare-up of KNOWN external hemorrhoids and cannot get to the pharmacy or Health Care Provider right way, do the following :

    1. If you are basically healthy, not anemic and are having very mild bleeding , do not panic and get transported to the ER (unless bleeding is heavy). See your doctor as soon as you can, but realize that people relieve themselves of a pint of blood with every blood donation.
    2. Rest -- get horizontal, take a load off the hemorrhoidal veins. Even consider slightly elevating the hip area on some pillows.
    3. Can you take a day off from work ?
    4. Get on a very simple or liquid diet for a day or 2 -- give the lower bowel a break !
    5. Do not strain with bowel movements...I repeat , DON'T STRAIN !
    6. Cleanse the area in the shower and apply Vaseline or other ointment -- even Neosporin, Polysporin or Bacitracin if you have one of these.
    7.Very warm "Sitz" baths in the tub (but lubricate afterwards!) and cold compresses can be used.
    6.AVOID COUGHING AND EXCESSIVE LAUGHING. Do not watch hilarious comedy shows. Extreme smiling is allowed.

  • Treating the Anal Sphincter

    Muscle dysfunction in anal area worsens the problem and can be treated.

    Now, an aside :

  • If you exclaim : Insert a Suppository, you've got to be kidding !

  • Answer: Check out Inserting A Rectal Suppository

  • DrugStore.Com

    Another internet resource if you really do not want to be seen buying hemorrhoid remedies. I have total sympathy !
    A true cornucopia of OTC hemorrhoid remedies.

  • Herbal Remedies (UPDATED 2003)

    The subject deserves a page unto itself, don't dismiss it as a simple fad..
    Check out info on AVATROL -- is it really anything new ?

  • "Anusol Piles Advice"

    Description: for advice on the the treatment of piles and haemorrhoids and information on symptoms and causes (from United Kingdom).

    Good information on Anusol products.

    Q: I have this god awful chronic anal itching, Why ?

    A: Check out Anal Itching, Causes

  • Cryotherapy

    Cold applications constitute a traditional means of reducing swelling and inflammation, and ice applications are even recommended at the Mayo Clinic web site to alleviate external hemorrhoid symptoms. This concept has been extended further into newer forms of "cryotherapy."

  • The issue of anal sphincter hypertonicity (muscle tension) is becoming an important one in my opinion (and is already a big issue with anal fissures). Observe that both HEAT and COLD relax muscle spasm !

  • More Thoughts on Cooling

    The cooling consideration deepens.

  • Homeopathic Remedies

    For those inclined towards Homeopathy.

  • Use of the Bidet

    There are many web sites on the use of a cleansing method unfamiliar to many Americans, but potentially very useful for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

  • Nature's Platform

    A product which offers optimal sitting posture for hemorrhoid prevention/healing. Imagine guests using your bathroom and viewing this setup. Conversation topic when the talk runs dry.....
    From the manufacturer :
    "Nature's Platform is the only product on the market which allows the use of this posture on an ordinary toilet. It can be used even by people who thought they were incapable of squatting."

  • The Colossal Colon Tour

    One wopping big colon, maybe coming to your town !


  • General Hemorrhoid Web Sites

    If you don't find what you are looking for here, check out these sites.


  • I would suggest if you wish info on surgical/nonsurgical management of resistant hemorrhoid problems, to do a Medline search. I have discovered the following information by searcing :

  • (1.0)There are some every useful natural remedies whose effectiveness has been confirmed by some scientific studies. In particular, check out DAFLON (bioflavonoid supplement, but it is a European product, consider an alternative bioflavonoid mixture) and HORSE CHESTNUT (see section on Herbal Remedies). DOXIUM (calcium dobesilate) can be researched -- it is a coagulant , may help reduce BLEEDING of hemorrhoids, is used to treat diabetic retinopathy and other conditions. Do not use if you are supposed to keep your blood ANTI-coagulated !

    NOTICE !!!

    Colorectal Surgeons Nationwide Working to Improve Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Treatment Through Early Detection

    March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2006

    Check it out.

    The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation (CRPF) and its 57 collaborating partners will kick-off the seventh annual National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (NCRCAM) campaign in March 2006. The campaign, founded by the CRPF in 2000, is educating Americans about colorectal cancer (CRC), one of the most preventable cancers. Regular screening can actually prevent the disease and diagnose it in its early, more easily treated stages. Today, millions of Americans are talking about colorectal cancer as they never have before � and thousands of lives are being saved. Join us for 2006 March National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month -- and keep talking about colorectal cancer!
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