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Parent Stew

Important Newest Addition!

Parent Stew is the newest addition to my Homepage. I have researched and found a wealth of resources for parents to turn to for help with their children. All of these links are extremely professional and informative.

Being the mother of 6 and grandmother of 6, I realize the importance of a good support system for parents. I have dedicated my life to my children and their children, and would like to share some of these resources with other parents.

Check it out you won't be disappointed with this One Stop Support System Called Parent Stew!For the MIRROR SITE The Parent Stew Webwing is HERE! Don't Miss this!

I hope you find my links as useful as I have. I had a lot of fun creating these pages! Thanks for visiting my Homepage!

This is where you can find lots of neat links to a wide variety of things!

The New Pen-Pal Chat Area Is NOW AVAILABLE! Pen-Pal Chat Area!

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Come on in! Meet the Family! Meet me! Or Just plunge ahead on your own! But Please just Have Fun! If you would be so kind as to follow the links, there is a lot I would like to share....


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The Official Country Music Web Ring was created in mid December of 1996. It is still in it's infancy, however it promises great potential! The Web Sites that are in the Official Country Music Web Ring show the pride that the owners have in their pages. They are well maintained and are some Great resources for Country Music Fans! These Pages are well worth your time to travel the Web Ring. To Join the Fastest Growing Official Country Music Web Ring! "Down Home" (awesome country music links)

I wanted to include these links for a couple of reasons. First of all they are wonderful resouces and something I wanted to share with anyone who might need them. I have personally witnessed these resources at work and know of very heart warming and successful stories from persons who have used them.

Crossroads..... Some Wonderful resources
This is another awesome resource!
School to work Education/Training

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