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The Official Country Music Web Ring

The Official Country Music Web Ring was created in mid December of 1996. It has grown to over 250 sites presently, continues promises great potential for growing ever larger and better than ever! The Web Sites that are in the Official Country Music Web Ring show the pride that the owners have in their pages.

They are well maintained and are some Great resources for Country Music Fans! This is a FREE program that allows the internet Population to travel from one country music home page to another without the need of a search engine. It is also possible to travel & explore the sites within the Official Country Music network.

This network is designed to allow all the Country Music Fans and members of the Official Country Music Webring to connect with one another.

In order to become a member of the Official Country Music Webring, you need to make sure that your site complies with the Official Country Music Webring Guidelines, complete the form provided below, and wait until you hear from the Ringmaster that you have been accepted into the program.

Please allow several days for acceptance into Official Country Music Webring - sites are added at the Ringmaster's convenience.
Sorry but, I am a working mom! Thanks for your understanding! These Pages are well worth your time to travel the Web Ring. For more information on how to Join .


It is very important to only add sites that fall within the standards as written above. I want to keep this webring in tact and within the scope for which it was intended, as well as connecting some of the nicest web sites on the net!

Fill out the form here and follow the instuctions. Your Webring code will be sent to you via e-mail so please make sure you have supplied the correct e-mail address as well as the correct homepage address so I can check your site out .

Your website will not be added until the following code is inserted to your page, and is fully functional. The code must go on the same page that you registered or have a clearly visable link pointing to where the code is, and the contents of this page must conform to the Official Country Music Webring standards.

Site URL:
Site Title:

The password is for you to be able to edit your own infomation on your personal Official Country Music Site. Please be sure to save it & put it in a safe place.

  After you have filled in the form above, wait to receive you code via e-mail.

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    When you have received the code and after you have finished pasteing the code into your webpage, it should look something like the One Above:

      Copy the graphics to the Official Country Music Web Ring & put them in your directory. For commercial sites that would rather not have the graphics feel free to leave them out. You may alter the code accordingly.

    Then E-mail the RingMaster to let them know you have the code in place and are ready to be added!

    For Ring Members

    If you have a site in a Official Country Music Webring and need to edit your site information (URL, site name, description, keywords, password), you may do so by entering your Ring ID, Site ID and password below. (Forget your password? Just leave it blank and you will be given the option to have it e-mailed to you.)

      Ring ID:
      Site ID:
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