Troop 166 Goals - 1998

1.Implement the Patrol Method

2. Recruitment

    a. Recruit at least 10 new boys (bridge and friends)

    b. Recruit and retain 2 transfers

    c. Recruit 2 Den Chiefs

3. Introduce a Merit Badge every month

4. Learn new games

5. Learn and implement a calling tree

6. Get planning started for activities (Get ahead of power curve)

7. Minimum participartion of 75%

    a. Troop meetings

    b. Activities

    c. Camping

9. Set up and learn job descriptions

10. All new scouts (from 2.a. above) to First Class

11. Retain 80% of new boys and transfers

12. Review patrol methods and modify as appropriate

13. Establish "feeder pack"

14. Start Baden-Powell Patrol recognition

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