Awesome Adventures at Camp Alexander

Matt Huber
Cool pictures
Cool pictures
Camp Alexander is a great summer camp our troop goes to every year. This year wasn’t as
good as years past, but we still had a great time. This is a great place to earn merit badges and rank advancements. There are five program areas, aquatics (pool and lake), Handicraft, Ecology (Econ Lodge), Scoutcraft, and the shooting ranges (shotgun, black powder, and archery). This year was a very special year for the camp. Camp A celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of this celebration many improvements were made to make everyone’s camping experience more enjoyable. Some of these include new paint jobs for the buildings, and new benches at the Elk’s Lodge. As you enter camp signs are posted with one point of the Scout Law on each one. All you scouts and scouters know that there are 12 points in this law. After these markers are the Elk’s Lodge, which contains the mess hall, trading post, and a meeting room. The normal campsites and the program areas are grouped around around the building. The overflow campsite was in the training area, located about a mile and a half from the rest of camp. The entrance is right next to the Helpful sign, which is the third point in the Scout Law. This is where we camped due to a mix up in the reservations. Every day we had to walk that mile and a half to get to all our merit badge classes and to all our meals.

Enough griping about how far we had to walk. I’m sure you’d rather hear about what a great
time we had inspite of the hike. We arrived on Sunday, pitched our tents (none of the troops in the normal camp grounds had to do this), set up our dinning fly, went to the camp church service, and then went on a tour of the entire area. As part of their initiation, all the scouts who had never been to Camp A before had to pick up a pine cone. Later, during the welcoming campfire, our Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) threw them in the fire when it died down, as did every troop. This is meant to symbolize that without the new scouts the scouting movement would die. Nobody wants that. The campfires are held on Sunday, Thursday (O.A. call out), and Friday (parents night). These campfires are always filled with songs and wonderful skits. In addition, we also have the polar bear swim and the Blue Mountain hike early in the mornings during the week. Overall, we had an excellent time and we hope you can join us next year.

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