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We have entered into a new millennium. The twenty-first century can be described as an information era. With the advancement of telecommunication technology, the Internet is expanding at an alarming rate. It has interjected itself into every aspect of human endeavour, expanding from its original role as a project of defense into the fields of business, commerce, entertainment, education, government, and even international relations.

The Internet has been described as the information superhighway. It is believed by some analysts that the information superhighway will have as profound impact on economic and social life in the twenty-first century as railroads and interstate highways did in the past.

I have chosen Information Technology as the theme of my site not because I am an expert in this field. Rather, I am a greenhorn and would like to take this opportunity to get to know more about the Net. I would also like my friends to share their knowledge with me.

I have named this site as "InfoSpaceY2K". I hope this Web can be a space for exchanging information in the year 2000. By the way, Y2K is also the abbreviation of my name.

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