Miscellaneous Photos of Carol Alt

Here are a few photos of Carol Alt that I've found in various magazines:
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Bazaar Feb Bazaar March Butterick 9/87 celebrity 05/87
Cosmo 9/80 Cosmopolitan beauty guide spring 1980 cosmopolitan beauty guide fall 1983 1988 cover Il Vernerdia
Lecopain mademoiselle 14/80 Madamoiselle Sept 1980 mademoiselle 12/80
mademoiselle 03/81 mademoiselle 02/82 mademoiselle 4/83 mademoiselle 10/83
model 10/88 redbook 04/82 redbook May redbook June
Sports Fitness 1/87 Sports Illustrated 02/82 steppin out 11/99 Vogue March

Links to other webpages featuring Carol Alt:

There are several webpages on the internet with photos and information about Carol Alt - however most of them merely copy photos from either my site or one of the following sites:

The Official Carol Alt Webpage - her "official" site. Has a brief biography, filmography listing, and lots of pictures.

Brentwood Magazine. This is an interview/ profile they did on Carol Alt back in 1999.

AskMen.com - Carol Alt. This is a profile they did on Carol Alt.

Carol Alt's Oasis on the 'Net. This is another fan site managed by Giulio in Italy. Has a lot of photos of Carol Alt as well as other information too.

TopModel Directory's listing for Carol Alt. This is a fan site dedicated to supermodels - sort of a mini portfolio for nearly every supermodel in the world.

People Magazine's On-line Profile. Here's the on-line profile of Carol Alt on People Magazine's website.

The Internet Movie Database's listing for Carol Alt. This site has a good listing of Carol Alt's film and television credits and is regularly updated.

E! Online's interview with Carol Alt. This is a summary of the episode featuring Carol Alt on their Supermodels show.

Sports Illustrated.  From their Swimsuit 2001 online edition, "Catching Up With: Carol Alt" - with chat transcript.

Christine Alt. This is Carol's sister's website.  It's nicely done and updated from time to time.

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