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Troy Tingey


Text Box: Welcome to Troyís homepage.  As you may notice, I have drastically changed the format of the webpage.  I hope this new format is easier to understand and navigate.
I spent the summer at North Carolina State University doing research in financial mathematics.  More concretely, I modeled option pricing.  I am using the project to write my senior thesis.  Periodically the progress is posted as a PDF and can be accessed from the link on the left.
I will stay in Moscow Russia from September to December, at least.  In Moscow I study math at The Independent University of Moscow.  Affiliated with Moscow State University, it is a prestigious math school.  Enrollment is usually around twelve students. 
Under development is a little job with Defi, an advertising company.  I also hope to land an internship with them starting in January and stay for a while earning a little work experience.
Come 2006 Iím available to work.  I also plan to apply for graduate school and make plans for the future.  I am contemplating studying Econometrics, Business Administration, Law, or Financial Math.

Who is Becky?

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