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Good Lord!  What a handsome mascot!The Testudo Web PageGood Lord!  What a handsome mascot!
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No mascot on earth can compete with the University of Maryland's Testudo. He is a terrific dancer, great with the children, and beloved by all. Indeed, there is not a female alive who is not wildly attracted to the turtle. While Testudo may be the world's most eligible bachelor, his religion forbids him from dating outside his species. Sorry ladies.

Testudo comes from a long line of prestigious turtles, some of whom have played a key role in popular American culture. To see some of Testudo's more favorite relatives, click here.

In this age of hatred, racism, and the Spice Girls, Testudo remains one of the few remaining role models for our children. Even the most happy of us however, have some pet peeves. Click here to see some of Testudo's likes and dislikes.

Now you know that you're a stud when you have your own bronze statue. Testudo has three.  Each of the statues gets its nose rubbed (supposedly its good luck) by differnt people:  the one in front of McKeldin Library is for test takers, one in Bryd Stadium is for the football team, and one in Cole Field House is for ticket scalpers.

History of the statue and the mascot

Testudo, always on the cutting edge of technology, loves surfin' the net in his spare time. These are some of the turtle's favorite places on the web:

The University of Maryland's Official Athletic Site - full of information about Maryland athletics including schedules, news updates, and much more. GO TERPS!

The University of Maryland's Marching Band Page - Testudo can always count on the Mighty Sounds of Maryland to provide him with some funky dancing music. Always full of spunk and enthisiasm, the Dr. Sparks' marching band together with the cheerleaders and Testudo ensure that the Maryland fans have a good time at all of the games.

The Mascot Spot - see Testudo's buddies (there's lots of them)

The Go-Go Homepage - when Testudo is not hyping up a crowd at the University, you can best believe that he is "gettin' his freak on." Testudo loves go-go music, and for those of you (stupid New York people) who don't know about the good go-go, check this site out.

Now that you've seen his page, let Testudo know you love him (even mascots need their egos stroked) by Signing his Guestbook, you can also See What Other Terp Fans Wrote in Testudo's Guestbook

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