My Photo Gallery of friends, Marching Chiefs, and fun!

Halloween at the former "TED" House

1. One strange (drunk) group of people...
2. Amanda Rycyk and I casting spells.
3. Don't Manny and Danny make a cute couple (what a hairy baby)?


1. Jason and Becca showing off their drink of choice
2. Amanda looking her best for the picture

Marching Chiefs

1. Us in the King Orange Parade (@ the Orange Bowl)-from left to right: Jenna, Tara, and Dave
2. Here come the Seminoles!!! (Sugar Bowl, 1997)
3. The head coach of the Seminoles, Bobby Bowden
4. Lesley and Dave at the 97' Chief's Banquet
5. My table at banquet (from L to R: Cory, Dave, Lesley, and Amanda)
6. Some of my friends at Chief's Banquet

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