The Marching Chiefs and Florida State University

"The World Renowned Florida State University Marching Chiefs!!!!!!!!"

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a graduate of Florida State University. I majored in Recreation and Leisure Services Administration with a specialization in Hotel/Resort Recreation. I am an alumni of the Florida State University Marching Chiefs. I was the section leader of the Glue Crew (the equipment staff) for the last two years I was in Chiefs. You may think that "equipment staff" is an easy task, but take my word, it is not. Try being the support for over 420 players!

Sam the Seminole FSU

FSU is located in Tallahassee, Florida, which is located in Northern panhandle of Florida. We are located just below the state line of Florida/Georgia. The campus is located in an urban environment, in the heart of the state's capital.

The College Program

In the Spring of 1996 I was selected from over 200 colleges and universities to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. I had the opportunity to experience the living, working, and learning components of the WDW College Program. I lived at Vista Way in apartment 1906, building 19. I lived with 5 other crazy guys (Mike, Jeff, Shaun, Ryan, and Eric) from all over the country. I was a Recreation Host at Blizzard Beach. I got the opportunity to operate the only chairlift in Florida!! It was no easy task, I had to deal with the Brazilians all the time. Not to mention the other guests! To find out more, follow this link.

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About the background - I took this picture of the Seminole head from the center of the stadium. Pretty cool, huh?