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To answer the obvious question: a pwca (pronounced pooka) is a Welsh Faerie that was known for its helpful nature. Of course with every act of goodness the pwca would play a prank on the recipient of its goodwill. Everything has a price. I make no claim to actually be a pwca...but I do sometimes act like one (don't we all?).

The pwca's place was designed to maybe be helpful (but I wouldn't bet on that) while being fun at the same time (once again I wouldn't bet on it). There are no guarantees in life (oh boy, another cliche).

The pages at the site contain information about me (er, Glenn, not the pwca ...although pwcas are represented) as well as a collection (not really a 'collection' ...more of a hodge podge) of sites I have found.

The education link is made up of sites that I have found relating to K-12 education (me as a teacher...gasp...what is the world coming too?). There are also some virtual lessons that I have prepared. Pretty dry stuff for non-educators, but feel welcome to look anyway.

The bio page is the story of my life. It is kind of depressing that I can fit it on less than 2 Mb of disk space. Well, maybe I am a late bloomer. I am sure there will be more added to it eventually.

If you are really strange and want to see some photos of me and some stuff I find interesting, then the photo link is right up your alley (will the cliches ever stop?). There are pics of me in various stages of development (?) as well as some pics of my friends and a few of places I have been (boy...that was a long sentence). If you look keep the comments to yourself unless you think I will laugh *g*.

The humor link is the spot where I babble on about various subjects. It has a few links that aren't on the links page just because they fit better there. If you have any ideas about material you would like to see feel free to mail me with the idea.

Finally, there is a page devoted to one of my favorite online pasttimes: chatting. Unfortunately, the chat room I frequent has been Javaized!!! I have left the page active as a tribute and to let you see the small number of people I linked to that I met in the room. I always meant to put more, but never quite got around to it (and most Geocitizens change URLs like underwear *g*).

I also enjoy music. The music link has some of my favorite musicians online. It also has a featured artist which changes occasionaly. I usually have a clip in Real Audio format so make sure you have your player. If not get it here.

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