Wel˝ome to The Club of Fighting Skill Kempo-Society Budo
Russia, Moscow, 117049, Krymskij Val, 8 Tel.(095) 336-1913; (095) 442-8976 Tel/fax: (095) 900-8147

I invite you in club of martial arts "Kempo-Society Budo". With us you will take possession of main receptions of various sorts of martial arts, strengthen the health, will get the sporting form. Take care of safety, your and your friends! Take possession of bases of sporting and martial arts!

  Club of Martial Arts "Kempo-Society Budo" Invites private citizens, public and commercial organizations, clubs, federations, sections to cooperation.

Our educational groups(basic directions).
  • Karate Kyokushinkai
  • Karate Businkan
  • Thaiboxing(Muai-Thai)
  • Jiu-Jitsu(Kodokan)
  • Combat Fight(SAMBO)
  • Wu-Shu(Zuan-Fa)
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Hi! I'm trainer-instructor of Combat Fight (practic Kyokushin- karate, Thaiboxing and Sambo) and Director of Sport Information of Club Martial Arts "Kempo-Society Budo". My grade- 2-ku, brown belt Kyokushin-karate. Please, visite to my educational group!
If you want to contact me, please sed e-mail to pamyat@hotmail.com