I have been raising's for about twelve years. I started getting interested in them when I went to a garage sale in New Mexico and there was a couple of little's playing on their couch. I loved the little bug eyes and cute sticking up ears. I knew I had to have a
       At one time I had 17's but now I only have 4 babies. Bambi is my beautiful blue and is six years old. She is AKC Registered and has a Championship background.(update: Bambi passed away from congestive heart failure) Cujo is my adorable male and is Champion Sired. He is very small.My two female's are one chocolate sable and a nice long-coat female.        The long-coat
's are becoming more popular as valued pets. I get a variety of colors, such as chocolate, blue, brindle and every color in between. My most prized baby was a blue brindle, that I regret very much that I sold. I will probably always have 's in my house as long as I am alive. 's make me

If you ever want to learn more about "The Smallest of the Toy Breed", the Chihuahua, you can look at the following places. If you can't find it there, it probably hasn't been written about them.

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