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Angels Watching Over Me, Everywhere I go. Angels Watching Over Me

Do you believe in Angels watching us? Protecting us? Coming when we call in a time of need? I do! I know they are there because I have seen them several times. Read these stories and see what you think, then maybe you will be singing, "Angels watching over me."

The Fuel Pump Incident

       One day, while living in Roswell, N.M., my husband, Bob, and I decided to drive around the town to look at some of the sights. I was relatively new to the town and was curious about a few things. We decided to go over to the old Monastery that I never knew existed up until then.

       We drove the distance to where it was and sat out in the car looking at it. We decided to turn the car off and just watch and talk for a few moments. That was the mistake! When we wanted to start it again, the fuel pump had gone out and it was a no go. We tried several things to see if we could get it going, along with one person stopping and jumping the car, but we didn't have any success at all. We prayed that the master mechanic, Jesus Christ would fix the car, but still nothing happened. It was hot, the kids were getting cranky, and the car just wasn't about to start.

       Bob decided to walk down to a parts store and buy a fuel pump that he was convinced was the thing that was wrong with the car. When he got to the highway, a car stopped and asked him if he needed a ride somewhere. He told the man he was going to the car parts store to buy a fuel pump for our car. The man asked what kind of car it was. Bob told him it was an LTD and gave him the year and make. The kind gentleman then told him that he had a fuel pump for that particular car at his house and would come and pull the car there. Bob told him that would be great and proceeded to go to the mans house to get what he would pull the car with.

       When they got the car and us to the house, I was really happy to see the conditions Bob would be working on our car in. The garage was big, air conditioned, with cement floors. It had lots of light and would be very comfortable for him to work in. They had the old fuel pump out and the new one in in no time flat. It didn't work!!! The fuel pump was faulty!!!. By this time, Bob and I knew we had worn out our welcome. The kind man and his wife assured us we hadn't. Then the man said he had another fuel pump for that same model of car. I couldn't believe it!!! These people didn't even own a car like this.

       After the second fuel pump was in, the car started right up. As we gathered our kids and got ready to go, the lady gave us some groceries. That was a blessing as Bob had been layed off of work for a while and things were really tight.

       Many times after that incident, Bob and I tried to find the house that these people lived at, and couldn't. We knew exactly where to look and followed way we went that night, exactly, but it simply wasn't there! I believe these two wonderful people were sent by God to help a man, a woman, and 4 small children... on a lonely road by an old monastery. We cried out to the master mechanic and He heard our cries.


I Wasn't Afraid

       When Bob and I decided to move to Utah, the last thing we expected was a freak snowstorm to hit the eastern side of New Mexico. I was pulling a U-Haul dolly with my daughters car on it. It made my car work too much, but it was the only way we could thing of to get her car to Utah.

       Everything went along great until we hit the snowy parts. The storm was one of the worst I had ever seen. The roads were becoming really slick and the visibility was really poor. There was steep declines on the sides of the road, so when my car started to fishtail, I was immediately scared and cried out "Jesus help us" in a loud voice. My car then went off the road and came to a sudden stop. I just knew we would not be able to get my car out let alone the U-Haul dolly and my daughters car.

       As soon as I realized what had happened, two men were walking up to my car. I rolled my window up to within an inch and started talking to them. The gentleness in their eyes, dispelled all my fear and I rolled it down all the way. They told me they would get me out. Telling me how to set my wheels, they pushed my car right out! My mother had been traveling right behind me, and we now set off along the road, doing about 10-15 miles an hour. I marveled at the fact that there was steep declines on each side of where my car went off. IF I had been just a few feet either way, my car would have rolled.

       A few miles up the road, I was shocked!!!! The same men that had helped me get out were helping another car that had rolled off the road. I had left before them and no cars had passed me, yet here they were. God had come through again. Praise His Holy Name.


       After my husband and I had been married for about six months, he was laid off of his job. I was devastated, to say the least. He applied for New Mexico unemployment, but was turned down and told he would have to reapply for a Wyoming claim he had already drown on. The total income for our family would be $60.00 a week. How were we going to survive on that amount with the two of us and our 4 children?

       The groceries were running out quickly! We were trying to have faith and leave it in the Lords hands completely.We were quickly running out of groceries though!!!

       It was a Wednesday night and we had gone to church. We had put our son Timothy in the church nursery and left him there through the service. When the service was over, Bob went to get him. There was a lady there that walked up to Bob and asked if he was Mr Dunn. He told her he was and she said she had some groceries for him. She said she had to get her son out of the nursery . She then took us out to her station wagon that was filled to the brim with groceries. Each bag said from Jesus on it. Bob asked her what her name was and she told him Mary.

       The next time we went to church, we asked around about the woman Mary and was told that there was no one there that fit that description. Nobody remembered her from the Wednesday before. Nobody even knew Bob was laid off and we needed help. Just God! And he sent someone to help.

Entertaining Angels Unaware

       One night, while living in Roswell New Mexico, my husband was outside working on one of our automobiles. He had only been out there for a few moments when he came rushing into the house declaring, "There's a bum outside that is hungry and is asking for a sandwich." Together we went to the refrigerator and took a sandwich that was already made up and went out to give it to the hungry man. HE WAS GONE!
       Now you might say to yourself, "Big deal! So the man was gone.", But you would have to understand the whole circumstances. We lived on a street that was extremely well lit and you could see in any direction for a few blocks. Also, it had only taken us a matter of 15 or so seconds to get the sandwich from the refrigerator and go back outside. There was absolutely NO WAY the man could have gotten out of site in that short of time. We would have been able to see him walking away. But, he was gone.
       The Bible says ""Beware! You may be entertaining angels unaware.". I think we were.

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