As a child, I remember seeing my mom sit for long hours writing. I used to wonder what she could be writing about all that time.. and didn't understand the talent of this woman. When I was much older, I read some of the poems she had written there, and realized my mother was extremely talented. You will probably never see her poems in a book or read them in a magazine, but I think they need to be shared with as many people who read these pages. This is all original poetry by June Manning. All rights are reserved.

This award was given for my mothers poetry. Thanks Tara!

Fleeting Love

Dawn, sweet dawn
had come to us today.
She stayed for such a little while,
Then silently stole away.

She spread her arms out to the earth,
But was almost unobserved;
Save for the tree, the budding flower,
And the mighty little bird.

Rejected thus, she raised her eyes
To the majestic sky of blue;
And said, "Dear kind and trusted friend,
I will give my gifts to you."

So she took her newborn gray;
The softest of its kind.
Her dewdrops too, she took with her;
Not a thing did she leave behind.

She gave her all to the sky and the sun;
She blended in so well
That those of us who rose up late
Could never even tell

That the earth had been kissed by a lady that day,
A lady who winged off in sorrow.
With faith and hope she whispered low,
Her promise to return on the morrow.

And There Was Light

A low, dark cloud; created a shroud
Surrounding the distant hill.
As if to deny, the sun's in the sky,
So night might linger still,
Above some hue of sky peeps thru
The once solid veil of gray
As nature tries to recognize
The dawn of another day.

Suddenly to the right, a scarlet light
Stole boldly into the race.
While ribboned streams of clouds, it seems
Still battled to hold their place.
More streaks of blue came charging through;
Enhancing the hills so large.
As night wore down,on the battleground,
Dawn made it's final charge.

As the war ensued, I thought it rude
To depart this glorious spot.
Such a wondrous sight, emerged from the night
As it struggled against its lot.
But light soon won, and the day begun
As is willed in nature's way.
Still I can recall, the magnificent brawl,
When night fought so bravely to stay.

If Wishes Were

Resting lazily neath the shade of a tree,
I thought of life as it ought to be,
A golden cadillac in my front drive,
A swimming pool with high board dive.
A butler to answer my front door;
A gardener to care for that big chore.
A cook there making my favorite dish,
A maid to grant me my every wish,
I'd walk on carpets four inches thick;
A grandfathers clock in the foyer would tick.
From the finest crystal, I'd drink champagne,
While eating lobster flown in fresh from Maine.
At least once a year, I'd tour the earth
In my own special plane; a factory first.
I'd sip mint juleps neath the shade of my tree--
That's how life really out to be,

I woke with a start from my dreamy state,
And realized that, the dreaming is great,
Life as it is is quite pleasant too
Thought there's still a lot of chores to do.
cause, I can't afford rich delicate food,
My stomach remains in a better mood.
My cadillac is a beat up old ford,
My swimming pool is the city's ward,
I vacation in my own back yard,
And for all of this, I work very hard.
My home is small; my neighbors are fine:
Together we all have a very nice time.
No matter how much you may long for more,
Remember the good things already in store,
And when you dream lazily under a tree,
Thank God things are as they ought to be.

With Other Eyes

Behold these fields of deepest maize,
Blending into a sky of blue
Each passerby is often awed
A moment caught just driving through,

But I have seen these vivid fields
Peacefully donned in different light
For I have seen them veiled in gray
Lazily peeping fresh from night.

A silvered stream lies over there,
It seems restless within its banks:
ALways working, rushing, working
With only nature giving thanks.

Yet I have known its quiet peace
Unhallowed by the shimmering sun
Shadowed since by a velvet moon
At rest with it's days work done.

And oh those brown, lost barren hills
Protruding high into the sky
Put even the rainbow quite to shame
Each time a sunset comes strolling by.

I've seen the sunset over the sea
and vanish beneath the hot plains
Sheer beauty walks among those hills
Laying claim to God's own domain.

Yes, We've seen peace, just you and I
Where we have traveled all alone
For nature paints a different scene
A most magically muted tone.

Nostalgic moments carved at dawn
Painted etchings of a twilight rare
Sweet moments handed down by God,
Just for you and I to share.

Slumber Time

My bed and I are such good friends
I wonder where it starts or ends
Could it begin so late at night
When shadowed in yellow candlelight?
Does it start when the long day's through
And it comforts beckon to you?
Is that the hour I get the Yen?
To caress the charms of my good friend?

Or is the morning when I feel close
To that bedding between the posts?
Is that the time it would seem right
To say thanks for a comfy night?
Why wouldn't it be the proper way,
At the beginning of the day?
No need to wait 'till sunlight ends
I'll jump back in and stay close friends.

©Audrey June Manning

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