My Hero, Bob

       This is Bob.Handsome feller isn't he? This is me.Cute, isn't she? Bob thinks so. Bob is a special person.. sent from God.. to me personally. How do I know that? I believe in miracles.

       If you read my story about Timothy, then you know I was raising four children by myself. A friend of mine, with good intentions, let me in on a secret that they thought I would probably be single the rest of my life. No man wants to take on a woman with four children! I thanked the well meaning person, but my heart sank to my knees. Who would want me now?

       I moved to Evanston, Wyoming to get away from old memories and met my best friend Alice! She was a member of the Assembly of God church there and we became good friends, quickly. She started telling me about this man Bob, that had just moved from there to New Mexico and how she wished I could have met him. She thought we would have made good friends. Well, little Miss Matchmaker had already written to him and had told him all about me. He had been praying for a good wife, and this (he felt) was his answer from God.

       To make a long story short, Bob came to Wyoming to meet me, and we fell in love! Three weeks later, we were married in a small church and moved to New Mexico. We have been married for 13 years. Not too bad for a woman that should have been lonely and single the rest of her life?

       The moral of this story is this: When God made the family, He made it with a Mother and a Father in mind to raise the children. When one parent refuses to accept his or her responsibilities, God has a way of blessing the other one with someone who will! I was one who was blessed with a person who loved and loves me and my precious children. Praise the Lord.

       Bob is a little rough around the edges, doesn't always fix broken things around the house as quick as I would like them done, doesn't pray as often as I think he should, but he is faithful, generous and kind. He is my gift from God, my companion, my friend.

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