The #SEXY 2/14/99 Cyber Wedding

This is the COMPLETE List of those who were in attendance at the Cyber Wedding for SEXY-SOB & SEXY-KANDY!

***Note*** This "event" was held FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! Ever since #SEXY hosted the FIRST Cyber Wedding, The sure to follow suit "OTHER CHATROOMS" were busting out 5 or 6 different Cyber Weddings per week in efforts to lure people to their rooms. This Cyber Wedding was a #SEXY way to Cast a shadow on the whole Cyber Wedding Craze which was going on full speed! This was to be the Biggest & Hopefully LAST Cyber Wedding Zuh will have to suffer through, Granted, It was the biggest, But unfortunately, NOT THE LAST.

The numbers: 170 total which topped out at 76 people in the room at 1 time. Thanks for another room record!!

This list of people were part of my Cyber wedding!!! The Greatest Event #SEXY has ever held.

The Priest: Shocker

The Bestman: deerhunterny

The Brides Maids: Ms_Moe & Lela123

Jrennwick, ari, Friendkim, dcdog, IceColdFrost, Capone22, ro-ro1016, jennifer988, a-lonewolf, cool_breeze_, BOLOA1, RedDevil323, crazchild, metz-31, carol_A, Lacie, WLFGRL, Bella_donna_, Ladybug, Ringthe5thstring, Just-Pam2, sweetiepie26, LadyViper34, Dezarae, C-DUBS, DX-DAMAN, Kracker-Ace, Kiss-u2, Jenny, Guissep, Andra27, Roddy, Panda36, DsrtDawn1, Cowboy333, Sunjuice, Puddikat, holy_wabbit, Frogtwin, will-eee, THISAH, HOTBOX_1, MELAWN3, Troublesome_, Twisted-sis, GHOSTBUSTER-, Kermit488, Bluesky, RodeoCowboy1, Foreright2, BoobooCutie, Sharie909, dw1969, COLDBLUESTEEL, arnmon1, blue-eyes198, DW4life, DUDELUV1, butterflycdk, Comfortblynumb, billy, houdoc, QueenGee, melissa111, killaken, hotliks, packn1, jse245, tazin1, poobut78, Gigglesn6pak & last but not least, those of you who were there but failed to "ghost" my servers.....

Thank you for being a part of this special day!!!!!

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