#SEXY wall of remembrance

A place to post a thought, a memory, a SHORT funny story OR MOST IMPORTANTLY.. CONTACT INFO!!!!

Helluuuu Everyone!

SO MANY OF YOU have stated you lost contact with this person or that person OR wish friends from #SEXY would contact you... well, here's your chance!! Simply put, E-MAIL me below saying what you wanna say & how you want it said.. I'll put it here.

Here at #SEXY central we STRONGLY believe in freedom of speech!! BUT,
ANYTHING can & will be posted as long as it's tastefully worded.. Abusive comments will be EDITED before being added. But they WILL be posted!!!!

The actual tag page will be ADDED once tags are received & I have the time to add them.. so start tagging dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Thanks & hope to hear from everyone soon!

Send your contact info/page links or a brief info tag below

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