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Welcome to the SEXY-SOB profile page! This is what the EXPERTS at a certain Internet profiler service think about my "inner workings". Let's take a look at what makes me tick..... Shall we?

Disclaimer: This personal profile was generated & displayed for entertainment purposes only. My comments herein are solely meant as an addition to the contents of said profile. Any simularities to any other profile & comment pages are purely coincedental.

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Heya peeps, I was sent a profile service link & thought "What the hell... why not try it & share it with you peeps who like these things??  Ok, well here it goes:

Much of the time you are preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting nature.

WOW!!!,  this starts off on the right foot.  heh

You need stimulation and variation with all matters pertaining to your life... You want to be regarded as an exciting and interesting personality being able to charm and influence others. You use powerful strategies with predictable outcomes so as to avoid endangering your chances of success or undermining other peoples confidence in you.

Hmmm Good ole predictable me......huh??

Your situation is such that at this time it is essential that you resolve your inherent problems immediately. You are not listening nor taking heed from your many friends and advisers, all of which, believe it or not, "wish you well". Most of your colleagues feel that your attitude is out of attitude of recklessness and desperation. It is imperative that some solution be found, but whatever you do - you have to be the one weighing every option before setteling on any one outcome... It is 'make your mind up time'...The decision is all yours... but whatever decision you will be the right one.
Whatever you strive to do, something always seems to be holding you back. There is no subterfuge in you. You are a clear thinker and all you demand from life, in a relationship, is a partner whom you can trust and with whom you can, together, develop a foundation of trust based on understanding. You are your own person... and you demand freedom of thought follow your own convictions. You have no interest in "two-timing" and all you seek is sincerity and "straight-dealing".  You dislike playing the field in every sense of the word. When you develop a relationship - it needs to be a close fulfilling one, one that has deep meaning for all parties concerned. You don't like authority and you rebel against all forms of limitation. You are your own person and you intend to stay that way .. and to get on in the world simply by your hard work and determination.   You are a very emotional and sensitive individual. Your life and love of life is dominated by your emotions ... but be careful ... you tend to let your heart rule your head ... and this being so.. you could be easily hurt ... as perhaps you may have indeed been hurt in the past ... We are all conditioned by our environment...and as such we respond to peoples perception of ourselves...but you feel that conditions are not right at this time... Unacceptable restrictions have been forced upon you and this is resulting in severe frustration and stress. You are looking for independence and consequently you shy away from any restriction and avoid obligations of anything which might prove hampering. 
You are being subjected to considerable pressure and want to escape from it so that you can obtain what you need, but unfortunately at this particular moment in time you lack the necessary strength of purpose to succeed in this. The tensions and stresses that you are experiencing at this time are, you feel, beyond your capabilities, or your reserves of strength to cope with. You feel inadequate and in a constant state of anxiety...You are attempting to escape from this situation into a secure environment in which you may be permitted to relax and recover, free from outside interference.

That last part makes me feel like I should jump from the nearest bridge..
 How's that for an escape?? hahahah!

All of your dreams and hopes have not materialised ..and consequently you are unsure of which way to go. This uncertainty has led to considerable stress, but you have sufficient "strength of mind" to overcome this state of affairs .. but it will take some time .. . Circumstances are holding you back...forcing you to back off and to forgo all the pleasures, fun and games for the time being. But this is only a temporary situation...and before you even know it...the situation could change.... You are experiencing extreme frustration at this point of time, try to achieve security and peace of mind...but whatever you seem to do doesn't effect the situation...You are worn out and your energy is being seriously depleted... You may be experiencing what is known as "heart ache"...experiencing it both mentally and physically...You are a listener, and you listen and respond to everything that is going on around you...You feel that, all that life has to offer should be within your grasp...and you would like to participate in every part of it...but the situation is such that every door seems to be closed to you. You just can't understand why that is. But it is...and what's feel powerless to change it.

Well there it is, depressing as it is... it sums me up ELECTRONICLY I guess... & we all know computers are always right...

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