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December 9th UPDATE: Sorry I have NOT been online lately but to be honest with ya I don't miss it 1 bit. Once you are AWAY for a short period of time you really see how much of a waste of time it actually was dealing with people & the "MORONIC" things they pulled or TRIED to pull. The people I talked to & chatted with are etched in my mind as my time on the internet & that's where they shall stay... Both "BAD & GOOD" memories!

My time is now spent on work & home time and since moving to a "SMALL" town I have quite a few things to keep me occupied... heh

WARNING! #SEXY, the SEXY pic pages, SEXY irc's, & most of all the ME page is based soley on a "HETEROSEXUAL" theme. ANY REFERENCES TO GAY or GAY MALES is strickly held in a comical light & should NOT be taken SERIOUSLY! Thank you from all of us at SEXY CENTRAL!

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You can read up on my info on this page or hit any link below!!! This page about ME was made in Feb 2002 & contains RECENT pics & info because the original S-O-B page was old & outdated.

Helluuuuuuuuuuu & How are ya??? My name is John & this is my story & I am sticking to it!
I was born in Ohio & I seem to be STUCK here which is not so bad I guess, I get a kick out of Racing my †truck †around the local Roads & Parkways. Its a small Pickup with the high output magnum V8 & a self programmed OEC curve computer, dual 3 inch pipes W/the Cherry Bomb package & Split fire plugs popping hits from a KEM High Power Ignition system.
Let's just say it shits & gits!


On Your Mark,
Get Set,†
«-Ya!!!! heh

This newest addition to my collection is my pride & joy!!

Ya might notice the corvette & truck are Black as are MOST of my pages here, I am a person with a dark personality & enjoy a distant self absorbing lifestyle where I rarely let others inside my thoughts & feelings. Hence me not yet finding the right woman Or getting married If I let you in, You've got me... & ya better hang on,††cause I am never on 1 subject... But many at 1 time.

I started on the internet way back in Sept 1997 & found surfing rather boring but oddly, entertaining to0. The main reason I got into web surfing was to see the Blood & Gore sites like or Because having every "faces of death" movie, I find that kinda crap interesting. Hell, I even spend a few hours surfing Find a just to peep the Famous people's headstones from time to time.

I then stumbled into a chatroom in Talk City called #SEXY. After a few weeks of being MUTED for no reason or dealing with those dumbassed CSA's, I knew there had to be a better way so I left Talk City & took my talents to a server where I & my chatting friends could run #SEXY as it should be run.†Read the #SEXY story here

But being so many people wanted to know about ME, Let's continue, Shall we? I opened a room #SEXY & it went from #1 its first month to pretty much empty as of late mainly because I got tired of fighting to keep it the biggest & best chatroom. So many people were with me when I first started out, I was getting close to 200 E-Mails a day either concerning the Chatroom or the IRC's. That was nothing compared to the rest of the story.

The trouble started because I had quite a few Ladies interested in me & that's when the guys who kissed my ass to be on the inside, started making webpages about me or against me on the outside. All I did was make a place AWAY from talk city were we could be ourselves & being 1 of the first to pull this off, I guess I made some people jealous. The proof I have is these so called friends either made rival rooms or nasty webpages about me. I have had a few say "I wish people took the time to make webpages about me", But being on both sides of the coin, I would rather NOT have been so damn popular.

Enough of the negetive, Let's get to the positive... The time I spend on the net is mainly just surfing the net or going to some Ohio based chatrooms. I made a few IRC's to those rooms, Feel free to use them as they beat the Talk City Irc's which are LOADED with Advertiser banners & Black screen scripts! Will I ever Bring #SEXY back to where it was?? Not alone I won't, Maybe if some of the IRC builders wish to help me run it I might... After all, All 3 of the biggest RIVAL rooms have 4 or 5 Different people building irc's & SPAMMING them out to the general public!!! & I beat them all....ALONE & by myself.. WOOO-HOOO!! Well, that was then... A popular room is almost IMPOSSIBLE to run alone... Now I know why those OTHER rooms have 2 or more people running things at all times.

well thats about all I have to share with ya at this time.. Check out the OTHER pages below!!! BaBai for now! My SEXY, The only TRUE SEXY!

Here's the SEXY people

The Ladies of SEXY
The Guys of SEXY
I had extra pics so here is:

My Private pics

The #SEXY Irc's

These "SEXY" people CHAT in SEXY! TAKE ME TO SEXY NOW!!!!

Friends of #SEXY Link page


NOTE: Sometimes pics WILL NOT Load into the ole Geofile & WILL NOT BE POSTED HERE! If you send pics & they fail to p0st, Don't take it bad. Nobody said LIFE was fair.


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