TimN's Autobiography

Lets start at the beginning, shall we? I was born in a town called Moora, in Western Australia in 1971. If you're really curious, find a globe or a map of the world, and find Perth on it. It should be towards the bottom of the west coast of Australia. If you can't find Australia, or if you can't work out which is the west coast, give up now. Now, depending on the scale of your map, if you look basically north from Perth, Moora will probably be the first town thats marked. Its about 200km north.

If you have a really large scale map, you might find that between Moora and Perth there are other towns marked. One of these might be Mogumber, which is where I lived for the first 12 years of my life. Quite why Mogumber appears on maps, I've never quite been able to work out, since I don't think its ever had a population of more than about 20. I guess its just in a convenient place to put something on the map.

At the end of primary school, my folks decided that the education that I was likely to receive at Moora High School probably wasn't for me, so for that and a couple of other reasons we moved to Perth. I completed high school at a small, local private school, then went on to study Science and Engineering at The University of Western Australia.

After I graduated, I started working for Telstra, at the Telstra Research Laboratories, in Clayton, Victoria. Clayton is a suburb of Melbourne, which is clean over the other side of the country from Perth, so that was a big move for me.

After four years at Telstra I began to feel that I needed a change in direction. As I was working in research anyway, I started to think I may as well make it count towards something, and so I have returned to full-time study, at The University of Melbourne. I have now completed a PhD course in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering there. Despite my hopes, I didn't get it finished before I turned 30, nor even before I stopped being 30, but it is finished.

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